Instagram & Facebook AR Filters

Here are all my Instagram Filters that you will get when you follow on Instagram, thought i’d consolidate them all here.

Shooked Meme a.k.a. Surprised Pikachu
Spinning Neon
Mars Invader
Battle Angel on Mars
Howie’s Emoji Faces
Make it rain – 50 dollar notes

Here are some of the Spark AR (previously known as Facebook AR) links I made. These links work on your mobile phones. Below here are the effects on Facebook

Atypical Singapore – Singapore festival in Moscow

The Last Kopitiam –

Food for Thought – 

Creation of Ah Dam –

Arrival of Venus –

Sunday Afternoon –

Singapore Gothic Banksy-ed

Instagram Yellow Helmet Challenge #YellowHelmetChallenge

Instagram SG $50

SG $50


Bubble Portal To Mars

Doorway Portal To Mars

Doorway Portal To Dude’s Room

Speak Cryptic’s Tribe (Face filter) –

Jane Koh’s