Web Art .SG Movement


Web Art Movement

The WebArt Movement is a project where high valued one-worded .sg domains are purchased and distributed to artists around the world to create websites based on their chosen domain word.

The List Of Domains Purchased Are

  1. public.sg
  2. these.sg
  3. good.sg
  4. omen.sg
  5. great.sg
  6. haha.sg
  7. dead.sg
  8. they.sg
  9. cute.sg
  10. full.sg
  11. kill.sg
  12. guy.sg
  13. lah.sg
  14. lor.sg
  15. leh.sg
  16. zai.sg
  17. rip.sg
  18. gst.sg
  19. yet.sg
  20. sue.sg
  21. wet.sg
  22. poo.sg
  23. yellow.sg
  24. boob.sg
  25. aperture.sg
  26. weapon.sg
  27. suicide.sg
  28. frame.sg
  29. curator.sg
  30. artists.sg
  31. derp.sg
  32. him.sg
  33. pic.sg
  34. visual.sg
  35. consume.sg

This is internet real estate! High value internet real estate because they are short and easy to remember.

Who owns these domain? They are mine, Eugene Soh’s a.k.a. DUDE.SG, for now.

How did I get these domain? Believe it or not, they were all available! Internet savvy folk might think that one word domains are usually snapped up very fast by other internet savvy folk. I was checking the availability of one worded domains and to my surprise there were many available; so I bought the best ones and I have decided to use them for art – In this case– Web Art.

What do I plan to do with these domains? This is where the call for collaborators come in. I am looking for 35 crazy artist/web artist who would like to produce a internet piece with one of these domain addresses. If you (yes you!) are inspired by these domains and want to produce art with them for fun– feel free to leave a comment below or email me at eugene@dude.sg with your top 3 domain choices.

Send in your top 3 domains you might want to work on/vandalize by 15th March. After which, an FTP username and password will be sent to you via email You will have 3 months to work on the website before the sites are printed/materialised/immortalized into a chinese scroll form, ready to be exhibited here in Singapore! It will be super interesting to see what everyone does. I will be printing your homepage however long/wide/small it is.

Chinese ScrollAn example of a Chinese Scroll! This example scrolls horizontally.

What are the expectations of each website? Here are some examples of web art projects that are good/weird, just to give a sense of what kind of work you can do. pointerpointer.com , trnsprnt.tumblr.com , hypergeography.tumblr.com , fridayfriday.net , drunk.dude.sg

Anything goes!

You can create a site tumblr style, to feature random stuff you find on the internet, related to the domain name! That would be like curating your own small museum on the Internet. You’ve actually been doing this for quite a while. If you think about it, your entire facebook wall is a gallery of stuff you have curated.

Its entirely up to you, go ahead and create some ridiculously crazy website that will blow people’s minds.

When is the deadline for the completion of each website? 15th July

Hurry now, Email me at eugene@dude.sg

“Usually, people think of a cool website idea before they start looking for a suitable domain name but here, we turn the traditional web production process on its head by first choosing a name that spawns creativity.”

“The inspiration for this project came when one of my collectors said to me, “Eugene, I’m very impressed by your work… but I’m even more impressed by your website [domain]–How did you get DUDE.SG? One-word domains were snapped up a long time ago–or so we might think. That night I went home to check for available one-word domains. To my surprise, plenty were available! So I bought the best ones.”

Where did I buy my domains? How much did it cost? I bought them here. S$39 bucks each.


Which Ones Are Active Now?

These ones

PIC.SG by Debbie Ding

VISUAL.SG by Nicola Anthony

FRAME.SG by Eugene Soh (ME!) Frame.sg is also where I document every update on every webart.sg site.

DERP.SG by Prakash Perumal Haridas


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