Dude’s top 5 favorite things in Lijiang, China

Pretending to be a model in LiJiang

Tigerair has resumed direct flights between Singapore and Lijiang for a cheap price of SGD319 (I checked myself)! They sent me and 4 others there last week so we can spread the word! I was sent as a Sports+Travel Magazine writer! 

Honestly, I never heard of Lijiang until tiger told me and thought it was going to be a “pass-through-city” to get to more famous places like Shangri-la up north. I’ve never been so wrong.

Pretending to be a model in LiJiang
Me pretending to be a model in LiJiang, with Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the background. Shot and directed by Rina

Lijiang IS the place to visit and not just a pass through. The place is so famous for its beauty, it got my dad excited when I told him I was going. I must have been living under a rock (Singapore).

We traveled early November, it was autumn, temperatures were cold. No snow yet but I brought my puffer jacket anyway. It came in useful.

Here are my top 5 favorite things during this trip.

How I became an accidental artist – Eugene Soh, TEDx talk Transcript


I graduated two years ago from an art school here (Nanyang Technological University). Yes, there is an art school here.

The Last Kopitiam (2010)

You know like, if someone goes to an art school, you think “Oh, he is going to be an Artist”. That wasn’t the case for NTU. Most of the graduates here end up going a non-artistic kind of route, they become designers or something skill based. I wasn’t any different, I was on track to becoming a programmer, a game programmer, in an arts school. So, how that happened, was because of this picture [The Last Supper image].

I am very glad that I had a lot of free time in NTU. Despite what you think and what art students will say, “Oh they have so many projects, oh this, oh that”. The truth is that we have tonnes of fun [Art school is the funnest school. There was a lot of free time because we could always bullshit our way through assignments that didn’t really interest us and still have a chance at an A.. the “Subjective & Contemporary” kind of assignments.] So, I did this piece in year one, outside of school.

Being open to opportunities

This was in collaboration with Campus Magazine, they are not affiliated with any school, their name is actually called “Campus” and they had a center fold page in the magazine.
They asked me, “Hey Eugene, you are a photographer right?” and I’m like “Yup”. “Do you want to fill it up with your work?” I was a freshman and had this attitude of opening my doors to opportunity, I said yes to everything. I said “Yes” and went to browse my portfolio of photography works.
I wasn’t impressed with myself. it was all like pictures of the shadow of the lamp post on the floor, I thought I was so deep! [Laughter] but those were not suitable for the center fold.

ArchiGallery: Listening To Architecture Virtual Tour Installation at National Gallery Singapore

There are some cool areas at National Gallery Singapore(NGS) that are not accessible to the public, either because they are dangerous to get to or because they have become part of their private offices. I was commissioned by NGS to create a two virtual tour installations for two areas at the Old Supreme Court Wing – they are the main dome (the roof) and the prisoners walkway where prisoners walk to enter the court room from their holding cells.

The Microsoft Kinect One motion sensor and the instructions for visitors

Visitors stand in front of my installation and wave their hands around to navigate the tour without touching the installation. This is important because the installation is permanent and having a contact-less experience would minimize wear and tear. Typical virtual tours would use a headset that would probably break within a year.

This virtual tour is part of the ArchiGallery: Listening To Architecture exhibition where I am also responsible for another exhibit: The Construction Sequence Animation. I could have done the whole video myself but I out-sourced to my go-to 3D modeler, Zig!

This is a video I shot on my phone during the opening ceremony. The animation I made for them has no audio and I had no idea they were going to screen it like that during the opening, so it was interesting to watch the Emcee narrate my work.

This is where my construction animation sequence is silently on display every day. Level 4 of the city hall wing at NGS

The Last Kopitiam


The Last Kopitiam a.k.a. The Last Wonton Mee is made up of 16 photos pieced together. Most obviously relatable to Da Vinci’s Last Supper mural, your dude truly is very proud to present a local version set in a local coffee shop: Kopitiam style.

I had a square table. Each character was shot separately because it was virtually impossible to get everyone down at the same time.” – Eugene Soh

Behind The Scenes Photos:

Hidden Leg 2

Web Art .SG Movement

Web Art Movement

The WebArt Movement is a project where high valued one-worded .sg domains are purchased and distributed to artists around the world to create websites based on their chosen domain word.

The List Of Domains Purchased Are

  1. public.sg
  2. these.sg
  3. good.sg
  4. omen.sg
  5. great.sg
  6. haha.sg
  7. dead.sg
  8. they.sg
  9. cute.sg
  10. full.sg
  11. kill.sg
  12. guy.sg
  13. lah.sg
  14. lor.sg
  15. leh.sg
  16. zai.sg
  17. rip.sg
  18. gst.sg
  19. yet.sg
  20. sue.sg
  21. wet.sg
  22. poo.sg
  23. yellow.sg
  24. boob.sg
  25. aperture.sg
  26. weapon.sg
  27. suicide.sg
  28. frame.sg
  29. curator.sg
  30. artists.sg
  31. derp.sg
  32. him.sg
  33. pic.sg
  34. visual.sg
  35. consume.sg

This is internet real estate! High value internet real estate because they are short and easy to remember.

Who owns these domain? They are mine, Eugene Soh’s a.k.a. DUDE.SG, for now.

How did I get these domain? Believe it or not, they were all available! Internet savvy folk might think that one word domains are usually snapped up very fast by other internet savvy folk. I was checking the availability of one worded domains and to my surprise there were many available; so I bought the best ones and I have decided to use them for art – In this case– Web Art.

What do I plan to do with these domains? This is where the call for collaborators come in. I am looking for 35 crazy artist/web artist who would like to produce a internet piece with one of these domain addresses. If you (yes you!) are inspired by these domains and want to produce art with them for fun– feel free to leave a comment below or email me at eugene@dude.sg with your top 3 domain choices.

Send in your top 3 domains you might want to work on/vandalize by 15th March. After which, an FTP username and password will be sent to you via email You will have 3 months to work on the website before the sites are printed/materialised/immortalized into a chinese scroll form, ready to be exhibited here in Singapore! It will be super interesting to see what everyone does. I will be printing your homepage however long/wide/small it is.

Chinese ScrollAn example of a Chinese Scroll! This example scrolls horizontally.

What are the expectations of each website? Here are some examples of web art projects that are good/weird, just to give a sense of what kind of work you can do. pointerpointer.com , trnsprnt.tumblr.com , hypergeography.tumblr.com , fridayfriday.net , drunk.dude.sg

Anything goes!

You can create a site tumblr style, to feature random stuff you find on the internet, related to the domain name! That would be like curating your own small museum on the Internet. You’ve actually been doing this for quite a while. If you think about it, your entire facebook wall is a gallery of stuff you have curated.

Its entirely up to you, go ahead and create some ridiculously crazy website that will blow people’s minds.

When is the deadline for the completion of each website? 15th July

Hurry now, Email me at eugene@dude.sg

“Usually, people think of a cool website idea before they start looking for a suitable domain name but here, we turn the traditional web production process on its head by first choosing a name that spawns creativity.”

“The inspiration for this project came when one of my collectors said to me, “Eugene, I’m very impressed by your work… but I’m even more impressed by your website [domain]–How did you get DUDE.SG? One-word domains were snapped up a long time ago–or so we might think. That night I went home to check for available one-word domains. To my surprise, plenty were available! So I bought the best ones.”

VR for the elderly (Granny Wheel Chair Racing)

Channel New Asia featured me in a 1 hour episode, teaching 4 elderly folks how to code and make a Virtual Reality Game. You can watch all the drama unfold here on toggle.
It was tricky teaching them elderly, some of them were confused between double clicking and single clicking, one shouldn’t expect too much i suppose. As much as i hate to admit, it was the two guys who did way better than the two girls. #GenderSterotype
The producers and I picked the best student’s work and got him (Victor) to finish up his game so I could turn it into a working virtual reality game to let the elderly folks at NTUC Health Nursing Home (Geylang East) try it.
While finishing his game I thought it would be interesting to turn it into a VR Wheel Chair game. So i did!

Granny Wheel Chair Racing VR

It is the third and final episode in a series, #DontForgetMe, where they introduce technology like phones, Facebook, Instagram and virtual reality to elderly folks in Singapore.
#DontForgetMe – Channel News Asia
“When forgotten and overlooked seniors are taught how to make use of Facebook, Instagram and even virtual reality by Singapore’s hippest social media stars … can these seniors be empowered to change the world ?”
Episode 3 – Seniors Go Virtual:
“In the finale, four senior tech ambassadors want “in” on the latest trend – virtual reality gaming ! They team up with famous tech-savvy creator, DUDE SG, to learn VR coding from scratch and craft a VR game made for elderly and retired Singaporeans.”