Dude.sg (Eugene Soh) Facebook Update!

Hey guys, I’m in Boston with my second favorite model in the world! via https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=663675557011089&set=a.190472490998067.52331.156392921072691&type=1

Instagram & Facebook filters (effects) by Dude.sg

The correct and technical term for these Instagram and Facebook filters is ‘Effects’. Yes, they are Instagram AR Effects and Facebook AR Effects. I keep seeing these terms being used interchangeably – “AR Effects”, “AR Filters” or “AR Masks” or even “AR Lens” from Snapchat, ALL of which are acceptable in my books, “Effects” is what Facebook calls them but I’ll refer to them as filters because that seems to be what most people on Instagram are calling them.

Now that we got the terms out of the way, hi, I’m Eugene Soh from Dude Studios @Dude.sg, probably the first in Asia (who isn’t a Facebook employee) to create an Instagram Filter. To be able to create an Instagram filter, you will need apply to be part of the Instagram Closed Beta program where they slowly accept more and more beta testers while they work out all the kinks and add new features. Currently the beta member count sits at 2545 individuals from all around the world. 10 from Singapore.

Guess who was first ever to post an effect on Instagram Beta group page! yes, that’s right it was me.

Don’t ask me why or how I got into the program first, I don’t know the real reason. Facebook’s official statement is that they choose by random. But if i’d have to guess, it was because I was very aggressively making Facebook filters which is in Open Beta. I was genuinely amazed by what they called AR Studio back then, now its called Spark AR Studio. I did nonsense like sensor my nipples with emojis in AR, it was funny. I didn’t take it seriously.

So, I’ve been in the program for 5 months, I should have been churning out filters every day! Yes, I know I should have, but your dude has been busy helping the elderly in nursing homes with Mind Palace VR in a gruelling startup bootcamp by StartupX. I made filters with whatever time I could spare. I’m glad I still have a lot to show for the little time I could spare. (Check out my AR demo reel I compiled above!)

Also, if you want to try my AR filters yourself, I’ve put them all here

Shoutout to all my collaborators:
Howie Kim
Zig Lam
Brian Gothong Tan
Andre Brinstan Frois
Ou Ningfei
Kult Gallery
Chan + Hori Contemporary
ActiveSG Kallang Sports Centre
Global Cultural Alliance
Singapore Art Museum
Sengkang General Hospital
Singapore Tourism Board

Web Art .Sg Movement

The WebArt Movement is a project where 36 high valued single word .sg domains are acquired and made available free of charge for web artists world wide to adopt and leave their mark. Once adopted the artist will have until 15 July to work on it, however he/she wants; in the spirit of freedom – forget “design principles” or “color theory”, there will be no constrains.

This is a reflection of the zeitgeist where the Internet is still very young. Singapore has one of the highest citizen connectivity to the internet in the world, one might expect these domains to have been snapped up long ago but no, it is 2013 and many were still available. So I selected my favorite ones,

“Wow, is it so easy to own a domain?” some people might ask when they see a project like this, and the answer is YES! I have always wanted a website growing up and I bought my first domain, www.eugenesoh.com, when I was 16, with my teacher’s credit card. My teacher was helping me. To be honest, figuring out all that domain system by myself was difficult, but after a while it gets easier. The other problem I had was that I didn’t have a credit card of my own.  Today, I have a credit card and some cash to spare – the shackles have fallen and I am now free.

Gallery.sg in The Straits Times

Gallery.sg was mentioned in Singapore’s main local paper, The Straits Times, on the 29th of April, 2014. Proud day for the project! It was a huge article about the growing trend of art sales on the Internet. Gallery.sg is the only mentioned site that does not actually sell art.

“Although unique, the presence of Gallery.sg under-scores the varied, exciting landscape of art galleries in the digital age and it points to how two models of galleries, online and offline, sometimes conflate.”

The current show, The Web Art Show, on Gallery.sg will be open 24 hours till July. So do drop via your laptops/computers!

Straits Times Online Art Article



For those who missed the opening on the 19th of April, here is a video recorded by Randal Packer from Washington DC, during part of the 5 hour virtual event . It was 4am in the morning for him!

Gallery.sg by Eugene Soh from Randall Packer



Gallery.sg Group PhotoFirst group photo taken in Gallery.sg (19th Arpil, 2014)

Kinect Boxing – Throw real punches at your friends without actually hurting them!

This is a Kinect Fighting game I made! Kinect Boxing, previously known as Kinect Fighter. I Always thought a fighting game like this was the most obvious use of the Kinect. I was surprised that no one did it this way! My game uses 1 to 1 motion capture to let you fight in whatever way you want – unlike those made by Microsoft where the characters do their own polished animated punch and kicks after it recognizes your punches. In my game, players can fight in their own unique way.

The Overview Installation: Out Of Body Experience