New York 2010

We went to New York for a while and shot a little video.


New York

New York Night

New York Helicopter Ride

New York from a helicopter

Looking over shoulders at booklyn bridge

Italy 2010

We went to Italy to see the original Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci.

169152_494970167147_508247147_5903620_7137592_oThe Last Kopitiam with the original last supper at Santa Maria della Grazie, Milan at st. Peter’s Square

Yesterday Once More


Retro themed. These photos were taken for the NTU Hall 14 Pageant 2010. They were also published in a local magazine, Campus.

The Last Kopitiam


The Last Kopitiam a.k.a. The Last Wonton Mee is made up of 16 photos pieced together. Most obviously relatable to Da Vinci’s Last Supper mural, your dude truly is very proud to present a local version set in a local coffee shop: Kopitiam style.

I had a square table. Each character was shot separately because it was virtually impossible to get everyone down at the same time.” – Eugene Soh

Behind The Scenes Photos:

Hidden Leg 2