Singapore Artists Exhibit in Amsterdam

The Overview Installation in Amsterdam (Kulter)
CCTV goggles on the left and Lizard goggles on the right
CCTV goggles on the left and Lizard goggles on the right

Just came back from exhibiting in Amsterdam at A-Lab with three other amazing artists, Jacquelyn Soo, Marc Nair and Zul Mahmod. It was a two day exhibition (9th, 10th October) and I had so much fun watching people tackle my maze with my live CCTV goggles on. 

I made a video of my installation. The installation is now known as CCTV goggles; decided to name it what people are already calling it. 

This show was an eye opener for me because it took place in a city where marijuana has been legalized! There is weed everywhere! Viewers of my work were saying it was like being high on cannabis because of the out of body experience it was giving them. They went on to describe their trips and I listened inventively because I never smoked weed before.

Singapore has this law that bans us from trying weed even outside of Singapore (yes, even in Amsterdam). Damn it Singapore….  I guess my CCTV goggles would be the Singaporean way to get high lol

I also brought my lizard goggles there. I reserved it for those who proved themselves worthy in the maze. There were people who adapted really quickly and breezed pass the maze and there were a rare few who got stuck and gave up. 

Huge thanks to Stephane Blokhuis for helping us put the show together in Amsterdam – she got busy early this year sourcing for venues in Amsterdam while the rest of us were looking for funding. Speaking of which – thank you National Arts Council (NAC), Singapore International Foundation (SIF) and generous Indiegogo backers for supporting us!

Old Supreme Court: A Historic Virtual Tour (App)

Old Supreme Court Virtual Tour

zaobao took a really good picture of me. I mean the shot itself is technically difficult with the bright background, dark interior and reflective screen brightness. Impressed!

8 months of going to The Supreme Court that security thought I was being sued or smth lolol. My ‘sentencing’ was read by Chief Justice Sundaresh on Tuesday and it was in praise! Surreal!
Take a tour of the National Gallery building before it opens here -> Apple:
or Android: on TimeOut Singapore




Thank you Gwen Pew from TimeOut Singapore for this wonderful article on my up coming show!

Timeout_gallerysg In related news, I just made a facebook Event page for my gallery opening night on the 19th of April!



$10,000 in one week – Thank you to all contributors who helped Kareen!

The New Paper, 4th November 2013

A big thank you to all who contributed on Stay Strong, this post is dedicated to you! (Your names are below!) Kareen and I are deeply touched by the generous support you have shown us. You have helped to pay for Kareen’s medical expenses with excess to be donated to The Lupus Association of Singapore! Your kindness has been picked up by the local press and I am proud to share the article with you.

The New Paper, 4th November 2013
The New Paper, 4th November 2013
Pages 2 & 3
The New Paper, Pages 2 & 3 (Click to enlarge)

The New Paper has done a good job in raising Lupus awareness with this article. An incurable disease a handful of people suffer from – 99% of lupus patients are female. I am very encouraged, both as an artist and a person, to see my work actually helping someone I love so much.

*UPDATE* Lian He Wan Bao, shared our story too!

Lian He Wan Bao, 4th November 2013 (Click to enlarge)
Lian He Wan Bao, 4th November 2013 (Click to enlarge)

Kareen’s personal facebook status.

Kareen thanks you!
Kareen thanks you!

Our love goes out to all contributors:

Singapore Poly DAC 02 Classmates & Lecturers, Class of 2011, for $1,050, ACJC Scones, Class of 2007, for $860, Boon Lim for $500, Janiah Wong for $500, Xavier Soh & Yeo Shu Qin for $500

Thank You TimeOut Singapore

Thanks for the interview TimeOut Singapore!

Timeout Singapore Cheatsheet Eugene Soh

DUDE’S SHOW – Musings and Meditations on His Reality

My first solo show coming up guys!

Venue: OCBC Centre Branch, 65 Chulia Street, Singapore 049513
Dates: 12th – 31st August 2013

OCBC Arts Card presents a collection of photographic and video works from emerging Singaporean artist Eugene Soh. In his signature irreverent and humorous style, Soh confronts pertinent social and cultural issues with disregard for convention.

Included in this presentation is The Overview, an interactive installation based on Soh’s own “Eugene’s Cave” theory. The installation delivers an “out-of-body” experience that bids the participant re-think his or her own sense of perspective and reality.

Also on display will be the artist’s seminal parodic works, The Last Kopitiam and Venus and Grace. Firm favourites with the public, these works have garnered the 2012 Crowbar Award and 2013 Sony World Photography finalist award respectively.

Organised by Chan Hampe Galleries and supported by Asian Art Options.