Dude Shirt

Grey Dude Shirt

Presenting my very own DUDE SHIRT! I’ve been looking everywhere for a soft grey T-shirt to make my first shirt with. I was really particular in my search. The T-shirt had to fulfil 3 strict dude criterias.

  1. Softness: I hate rough shirts, they get so scratchy! I wanted a shirt I could wear everywhere and also to be comfortable to even go to bed with. A sleep worthy shirt!
  2. Greyness: I wanted to parody that popular ash-grey ARMY T-shirt. The colour needed to be in the right………………… shade of grey…
  3. Thinness: I remember wearing those grey army T-shirts, they were too thick! Too thick for this (Singapore) weather. It needed my T-shirt material to be thin enough to keep cool but not too thin that it feels flimsy and cheap.  

I’ve found the perfect T-shirt for me. I’m planning to make more. Please let me know if you want one 

Army Dude Shirt
How the Dude Shirt looks on a regular person (me) M-Size

Gallery.sg on TimeOut Singapore




Thank you Gwen Pew from TimeOut Singapore for this wonderful article on my up coming show!

Timeout_gallerysg In related news, I just made a facebook Event page for my gallery opening night on the 19th of April!




Thanks for having me TEDxYouth@Singapore!

Back from my break

Hey guys, I’m back from my trip to Boston and Bangkok! A few exciting things happened while I was away – making me regret I left Singapore… but oh well.

1. The Last Kopitiam at the Affordable Art Fair 2013

Edible Art Movement - Eugene SohMy work, The Last Kopitiam, was at the Affordable Art Fair 2013, thanks to Nicola Anthony and the Edible Art Movement Team! Thank you, I hear it went very well!


2. DUDE.SG in Female Magazine, December Issue

Female Eugene Soh Dawn Ng Chan HampeAlong with Dawn Ng and Benjamin Hampe! Yea, go grab a copy of this month’s issue of Female! Thank you Female!


3. Little India Riot

Although regretful, this must have been the biggest news for Singapore all year! I was observing the not-as-exciting protests in Bangkok while all that was happening back home.

Thailand Protests


Happy holidays everyone!

Dude.sg (Eugene Soh) Facebook Update!

Hey guys, I’m in Boston with my second favorite model in the world! via https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=663675557011089&set=a.190472490998067.52331.156392921072691&type=1

$10,000 in one week – Thank you to all contributors who helped Kareen!

The New Paper, 4th November 2013

A big thank you to all who contributed on Stay Strong, this post is dedicated to you! (Your names are below!) Kareen and I are deeply touched by the generous support you have shown us. You have helped to pay for Kareen’s medical expenses with excess to be donated to The Lupus Association of Singapore! Your kindness has been picked up by the local press and I am proud to share the article with you.

The New Paper, 4th November 2013
The New Paper, 4th November 2013
Pages 2 & 3
The New Paper, Pages 2 & 3 (Click to enlarge)

The New Paper has done a good job in raising Lupus awareness with this article. An incurable disease a handful of people suffer from – 99% of lupus patients are female. I am very encouraged, both as an artist and a person, to see my work actually helping someone I love so much.

*UPDATE* Lian He Wan Bao, shared our story too!

Lian He Wan Bao, 4th November 2013 (Click to enlarge)
Lian He Wan Bao, 4th November 2013 (Click to enlarge)

Kareen’s personal facebook status.

Kareen thanks you!
Kareen thanks you!

Our love goes out to all contributors:

Singapore Poly DAC 02 Classmates & Lecturers, Class of 2011, for $1,050, ACJC Scones, Class of 2007, for $860, Boon Lim for $500, Janiah Wong for $500, Xavier Soh & Yeo Shu Qin for $500