A Day With MBS

Why don’t I shoot as much in Singapore as I do overseas? I thought to myself. Does Singapore have less beauty to offer? Is the sun better overseas? Is the grass greener on the other side? If there’s one thing we’ve got, it’s sunlight. I don’t go out in it in Singapore as much – I don’t bother waking up early to see the museums because there’s no return flight to countdown to. I can do it tomorrow. Now that a possible Doomsday is looming I decided to visit the attractions here for a change. Happy Possible Doomsday!

Emotionless SG
1. Emotionless (Imma Tree Too)
Marina Bay Sands
2. MBS
3. Happily Out Of Focus
4. Chinaman
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Arrival of Venus by Eugene Soh

Arrival of Venus by Eugene Soh
The Arrival of Venus (2012)

Arrival of Venus by Eugene Soh

Made in collaboration with Campus Magazine. Below are some behind-the-scenes moments from the shoot. Featuring J Star a.k.a. J* as Venus. This combination of 7 photographs was shot at East Coast Park with Marina Bay Sands in the background.

One of the challenges was to get the 2 flying characters to actually fly while hugging each other – so we decided we had to shoot everyone separately and then stick everyone together with Photoshop.


Photography: Eugene Soh.

Models: Eugene Soh, Clara Lock, J Star, Roshni Kapur.

Planning & Styling and everything else: Kelly Morse, Lynn Ooi, Aaron Stewart.

Shoot assistant: Aaron Stewart & Lynn Ooi.

Eugene Soh is in the Straits Times Life!

The Last Kopitiam featured in the Straits Times

The Last Kopitiam featured in the Straits Times

The Last Kopitiam is in the Straits Times!

Just some of us spinning around

Thank you Enze Foo, Yeling Goh and Kareen Chin for agreeing to do this nonsense with me in my room on campus. Hope you had a great abdominal workout!!  <3

Dude’s Name Card


That is the front and back of my name card. I told myself to keep it simple, keep it honest. These cards are now limited edition because my next cards will be of a different design printed by different people.


Dawn Jay – Liar

Dawn Jay – Liar music video by Eugene Soh (dude.sg)
Show this super quick in 2 days. lol