*16 Jan 2015 UPDATE* Here are all four trailers I made for the full documentary. The full documentary will be screening on the 24th of February. 

I just got back from Rwanda! I was sent there by the Rwandan High Commission to film a documentary there with Sports+Travel Singapore. Rwanda has come a long way since the 1994 genocide 20 years ago. I’ll let my travel companion, Lynn Ooi explain:

Rwanda is really like the ‘Singapore’ of Africa. In many ways, they are similar: both are tiny, both have mandatory military service, and both are surrounded by much larger countries. Rwanda’s economy is modeled on Singapore’s EDB and its airport is managed by Changi. But in some ways, Rwanda has done many more good things that may go unnoticed, like:

  • its gender equality means over half of their parliament are women, and women also do mandatory military service
  • in terms of conservation, they’ve banned plastic bags. Plus, they’re serious about their parks: even though they found oil in the Virunga Mountains, they decided against extracting it to protect their mountain gorillas
  • they have a “$1 a person” program which is mandatory from every Rwandan to aid orphans of the genocide
  • every month, at an Umuganda, every citizen regardless of class is required to pitch in to clean the country. This is why it looks spotless – everyone has a stake in its cleanliness
  • they take security seriously: everywhere you go (roads, towns and buildings) you’ll see armed uniformed personnel at the ready to uphold the law (no bribery at all), meaning it’s safe to walk alone at night, and no one speeds on the road

Here are some photos from my phone! Stay tuned for the full documentary!



Back from my break

Hey guys, I’m back from my trip to Boston and Bangkok! A few exciting things happened while I was away – making me regret I left Singapore… but oh well.

1. The Last Kopitiam at the Affordable Art Fair 2013

Edible Art Movement - Eugene SohMy work, The Last Kopitiam, was at the Affordable Art Fair 2013, thanks to Nicola Anthony and the Edible Art Movement Team! Thank you, I hear it went very well!


2. DUDE.SG in Female Magazine, December Issue

Female Eugene Soh Dawn Ng Chan HampeAlong with Dawn Ng and Benjamin Hampe! Yea, go grab a copy of this month’s issue of Female! Thank you Female!


3. Little India Riot

Although regretful, this must have been the biggest news for Singapore all year! I was observing the not-as-exciting protests in Bangkok while all that was happening back home.

Thailand Protests


Happy holidays everyone!


Article contribution by Saleduck

Once you’ve had your fill of the beaches in Bali and the dynamic, booming nature of Jakarta, the next pitstop on your map should definitely be Yogjakarta. Also commonly referred to as Yogja or Jogja, it is considered by many to be the soul of Indonesia and here is where the rich customs, heritage and arts of Java truly thrives.

Yogja is where past and present collide which means that next to its beautifully preserved historical sites and tradition, you’ll also see a thriving, urban city complete with upscale cafes, shopping malls and (bearable) traffic jams.

Italy 2010

We went to Italy to see the original Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci.

169152_494970167147_508247147_5903620_7137592_oThe Last Kopitiam with the original last supper at Santa Maria della Grazie, Milan at st. Peter’s Square


Uzbekistan - Mountains


Uzbekistan - Prayers

This dude from Singapore was sent to the Republic of Uzbekistan to make a documentary. He was there representing Sports+Travel Magazine in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Singapore.

Blizzard Nemo – Boston

Happy Chinese New Year! This is blizzard nemo in Boston – The biggest snow storm since 1978. It is 11pm and reports say it will get worse in the morning. It’s going to be historic.




Preparing for Blizzard Nemo with Jane





I had the pleasure of meeting Singaporean artist Tara Tan and Lynn Yang at Harvard today before the blizzard hit.


Harvard Hall




Kittypots stickers!






Blizzard Nemo

So the blizzard begins.