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Sony Xperia Z1 Review and Waterproof Test

Sony Xperia Z1Hey guys, DUDE.SG is honored to be the first in Singapore to have Sony Mobile‘s latest waterproof creation, the Xperia Z1. This phone will only be released next month on the 4th of October in Singapore.

Here are pictures of the phone (with my DUDE.SG sticker):

Sony Xperia Z1Back

Sony Xperia Z1 (Bottom)Bottom

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 VS Sony Xperia Z1Samsung Note 2 vs Sony Xperia Z1

I’ve been using and testing the shit out of it and concluded that it is awesome! If you ever spent money replacing a water damaged phone, you’ll want to continue reading because this phone could save you that money – it is 100% waterproof. I went swimming with the phone (With open ear-phone jack and speaker holes) Yes, water went into those holes. Yes, the phone was dripping wet and yes the phone still works fine.

Very fast with no lag, it probably has the best camera in a phone to date! Being waterproof changes the game for smart phones – think of all the places you could bring your phone with peace of mind (and its camera), out in the rain, in a Jacuzzi, in the shower…

The camera app comes with a manual mode where you can adjust, exposure, white balance, image size ratio, scene selection and a whole bunch of other options.. very useful! But to my disappointment – No manual focus :( I wonder why phones cameras don’t let you manual focus. I means, just give us a slider to control the focus distance why don’t they? it shouldn’t be that hard to implement.

The Sony Xperia Z1’s camera also works like a compact camera. It auto-focuses when you touch the shutter button on screen, and takes the photo when you release. Sometimes this can be quite annoying when you want to capture “the moment”. Let me explain: the phone’s back camera does not take photos immediately when pressed, unlike its front camera, it always takes a second to auto-focus before capturing. The work around for this would be to auto-focus first, by pressing the camera half-way before going in to capture “your moment”.

Here is the full water test. (Swimming pool test)

I tried texting and answering calls while underwater but I couldn’t – the touch screen goes inactive when submerged and needs to be dried off (with a towel) before the touch screen can be “touched” again. So forget about answering calls / replying texts / updating your facebook status while underwater. You can however go into water while already talking to someone, the person on the other line can hear you scream underwater.

While under water, you can control the camera with 4 physical buttons that comes with the phone. The power, the volume up, the volume down and the camera shutter.

To quick activate the camera, press and hold both the power and the camera shutter buttons together (you have to press them at the same time!). Sony’s Superior Auto mode camera will activate. I wish they had the option to quick activate with my last manual settings where I have a different aspect ratio and fixed exposure for my pictures. The phone only remember my settings if I access the camera App normally (which I can’t do underwater because the touch screen is inactive). Maybe in the next software update? with programmable short-cuts?

The image quality is amazing. Here are some pictures I took with the phone:

Sony Xperia Z1 photo testunderwater. So clear!

Sony Xperia Z1 photo testSup.

Sony Xperia Z1 photo testMacro Test on my nephew’s toy car

Sony Xperia Z1 photo testDragonfly on my car

Sony Xperia Z1 photo testMy nephew with goggle marks after swimming

Sony Xperia Z1 photo testThey are holding hands!

Sony Xperia Z1 photo testMercedes

Sony Xperia Z1 photo testMy Nephew, Kai Kai

Sony Xperia Z1 photo testAt Chua Chu Kang Cemetery

Sony Xperia Z1 photo testPanoramic test

Blizzard Nemo – Boston

Happy Chinese New Year! This is blizzard nemo in Boston – The biggest snow storm since 1978. It is 11pm and reports say it will get worse in the morning. It’s going to be historic.




Preparing for Blizzard Nemo with Jane





I had the pleasure of meeting Singaporean artist Tara Tan and Lynn Yang at Harvard today before the blizzard hit.


Harvard Hall




Kittypots stickers!






Blizzard Nemo

So the blizzard begins.

What is there to do in Brunei?

So just what can you do in Brunei? After what everyone had told me about the place – I decided to go there to find out for myself. It turned out to be pretty interesting despite missing a few precious liquids.
One more of’s Travel Videos!

Just some of us spinning around

Thank you Enze Foo, Yeling Goh and Kareen Chin for agreeing to do this nonsense with me in my room on campus. Hope you had a great abdominal workout!!  <3


Uzbekistan - Mountains


Uzbekistan - Prayers

This dude from Singapore was sent to the Republic of Uzbekistan to make a documentary. He was there representing Sports+Travel Magazine in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Singapore.