Drunk Dude On iPhone

Executive Summary

Drunk Dude Goes Home is a game project, the ultimate goal of which is to be seen in the iPhone application stores. The game revolves around a drunk man making his way home after a night of drinking. Using the iPhone accelerometer, the player keeps the character balanced while he staggers forward, progressing from level to level. The project will require the acquisition of the knowledge needed to work with iPhone applications, as well as that needed to turn a game into marketable product.

The look and feel of the game may be different from the PC proof of concept developed last year.

Old Look and feel:


Time span 15 months.

  1. Decide of programing language
  2. Successfully create a demo that uses the IPhone Accelerometer
  3. Fine tuning of game concept
  4. Level 1 complete (May 2012)
  5. Play Testing
  6. Submit Application of to Apple App Store
  7. Level 3 complete (August 2012)
  8. Extensive Play Testing Done
  9. Tweaking and adjustments
  10.  Level 10 complete (November 2012)
  11. Beta release
  12. Actual Release


  1. Living expenses $600 /m
  2. Artist $1000 /m
  3. Apple license $90
  4. Server $100 /year