Singapore Gothic by Eugene Soh
Singapore Gothic (2015) Featuring Neo Swee Lin & Lim Kay Siu

The Creation of Ahdam (2015) Eugene Soh
Creation Of Ah Dam (2015)

Food For Thought by Eugene Soh
Food For Thought (2014)

Moh Lee Sha by Eugene Soh 2014
Mo Lee Sha (2014) Featuring Benjamin Kheng As Mona Lisa

Saturn Devouring His Naan by Eugene Soh 2014
Saturn Devouring His Naan (2014)

Arrangement In Grey, Black And Yellow by Eugene Soh 2014
Arrangement In Grey, Black And Yellow a.k.a. Eugene’s Mum (2014)

Sunday Afternoon On The Island Of Singapore by Eugene Soh 2014
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Singapore (2014)

The Last Kopitiam (2010)

Arrival of Venus by Eugene Soh
The Arrival of Venus (2012)

The Last Christmas (2015) by Eugene Soh
Second Coming (2016)

Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas, Jesus (2016) by Eugene Soh Madonna and Child (Pieta) (2016) by Eugene Soh


The Human Caterpillar by Eugene Soh 2013
The Human Caterpillar (2013)


Mirror Legs Room
Room (Series 2010)

SOH_Final_#03 SOH_Final_#1


Dustland Children 01
Dustland Children (Series 2010 – Present)

Dustland Children 02 Dustland Children 04


Emotionless SG
A Day With MBS (Series 2012)

OOF Marina Bay Sands


Shores of Graduation
Graduation (Series 2012)

08  01


The Cost of Living Whoever said love doesn't come with a price tag clearly has not stepped into a mall. This is the quintessential fashion conscious couple, but with price tags. Note the babies' prices.
Family (Series 2013)

The Monumental Task Once described as a bundle of joy, this giant floating baby by Marc Quinn depicts two things - the freedom sacrificed to raise one, and that even when they are tiny, their impact is huge.  The Brainiac Tale Child prodigies are hard to come by, but if yours isn't one, what type of education would you be putting them through?