Dustland Children

The Dustland Children Series is created in homage to the overwhelming wonder of simple discoveries. This ongoing collection is a series of pictures taken all over the world (New York, Italy, Japan and counting). The wandering pair do not appear in any one place, for the moments that become little treasures abound in the most unexpected places… Enter the world of the Dustland Children – A world of dusty streets and sun-drenched fields, blessed merriment on snowy peaks, and moments of stillness awash in life.

Sent to the valley of the great divide Out where the dreams all hide. Out where the wind don’t blow, Out here the good girls die. And the sky won’t snow Out here the bird don’t sing Out here the field don’t blow Out here the bell don’t ring Out here the good girls die … Is there still magic in the midnight sun…? (The Killers – A Dustland Fairytale)

Dustland Children 01
1. Japan
Dustland Children 02
2. Dude Lying Down in Florence
Dustland Children 04
3. Girl Raising Hands
Dustland Children 03
4. Dude Carrying A Baby
Dustland Children 19
5. Waiting For The Bus
Dustland Children 05
6. Jump Shot Fuji
Dustland Children 25
7. There Is Something In My Shoe
Dustland Children 08
8. Fuji Lake
Dustland Children 06
9. Running On The Austrian Alps
Dustland Children 22
10. Ice Queen
Dustland Children 18
11. Vietnam
Dustland Children 15
12. Jane Blowing Seeds
Dustland Children 14
13. Climbing On Sphere Playground
Dustland Children 13
Dustland Children 12
18. Following
Dustland Children 10
19. You Can Have Your Hat Back
Dustland Children 09
Sunset in Scotland
Jane Soh
Scotland Stream
23. Dustland
Dustland Series
Dustland Series 7
Dustland Series 8
26. Rain
Dustland Series 6
27. Anyone Home?
Dustland Series 5
28. Windy by the Lake
Dustland Series 3
29. Dude On The Rocks By The Lake
30. Blizzard Nemo
31. Running Down Snowy Alley
32. Sunset in Frozen Boston
Dustland Series 2