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We’ve released the very first and only resource online to learn all about the marketing side of using augmented reality effects with Spark AR for Instagram and Facebook


We’re excited to release a knowledge centre to speed up the unified understanding into Instagram and Facebook Augmented Reality effects. Our goal is to provide a way for marketers and brands to easily analyse successful campaigns and learn how to implement them into their own marketing arsenal. 

What we have for you:

  • Step-by-step guides for those who haven’t started working with augmented reality on Facebook and Instagram yet all the way to more advanced campaigns
  • Case-studies of our previous work
  • E-books and downloadable resources 
  • Video trainings on setting up campaigns with Instagram and Facebook filters

How you can help:

This is an on-going project and we need your help! If you want to contribute, you can help out by helping us including:

  • Send in your questions
  • Writing an article on what you learned from your campaign

All our content is geared towards making marketing with Facebook and Instagram AR simpler, easier and more powerful for you. We’re excited to hear your thoughts on the updates we made and look forward to hearing what you’d like to see from us next. Feel free to sound off in a response — we’re all ears.


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