Johnnie Walker Party – Step Inside The Circuit (Facebook Marketing Win)


Johnnie Walker is stepping up their marketing campaign in Singapore. I must say I am very impressed by how they are doing it. It’s amazing – they thought of everything! Including wall posts which are published unknowingly.

First off they decided to organize an party. One can “Like” their page to get invites. Winners get to invite 2 more people, and the top winners get to invite even more people.

Then comes the more interesting part – once invited, invitees have to collect their passes that come in leather lanyards (see above picture) and they have to register their pass number online with their Facebook accounts.

ENTERING THE PARTY: At the Mercedes Benz centre (yes they threw a party at the car showcase place) we waited at level 1 for a Mercedes Benz to come pick us up and drive us to level 2 (where the party is).  You then tap your pass like an EZ-link card to go through the gate to get into the party. A wall post is then published on your registered Facebook wall. I only found out that this was posted on my wall when I got home later that night (Sneaky!!  #Iseewhatyoudidthere)

After tapping in we walked down this bright passage way with helicopter sounds (feels like we just stepped out of a helicopter!).  Good use of soundscape.

AT THE PARTY: Free flow Johnnie Walker all night + good music. Awesome. For that I forgive them for sneakily posting on my Facebook wall.  They had photo booths that post a picture immediately on your wall by tapping your card after. (Much like the Heineken photo booth thing at Avalon, just that this photo booth posts the pictures on your Facebook wall right away!)

Some drunk dude kinda kicked the photo booth screen in and wrecked the whole thing though. It was funny. Someone destroyed the toilet too. Should have taken a picture. Poor Johnnie Walker probably has to compensate Mercedes Benz for damages to their property. I couldn’t really remember the rest of the night. Was a good night. Thank you Johnnie Walker!


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