Kinect Boxing – Throw real punches at your friends without actually hurting them!


This is a Kinect Fighting game I made! Kinect Boxing, previously known as Kinect Fighter. I Always thought a fighting game like this was the most obvious use of the Kinect. I was surprised that no one did it this way! My game uses 1 to 1 motion capture to let you fight in whatever way you want – unlike those made by Microsoft where the characters do their own polished animated punch and kicks after it recognizes your punches. In my game, players can fight in their own unique way.

This game was also played at Applied Materials‘s Dinner and Dance 2017. Over there, the managers got to fight each other without getting hurt. En Lai was hosting the championship round and it was all good fun.

I shot this championship video round on my phone!

Here is a timelapse of me remaking the game to its current form over 3 days because I lost its project files. I code fast!

Please contact me if you’d like to play this game or have this game at your event!


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