Old Supreme Court: A Historic Virtual Tour (App)


Old Supreme Court Virtual Tour

zaobao took a really good picture of me. I mean the shot itself is technically difficult with the bright background, dark interior and reflective screen brightness. Impressed!

8 months of going to The Supreme Court that security thought I was being sued or smth lolol. My ‘sentencing’ was read by Chief Justice Sundaresh on Tuesday and it was in praise! Surreal!
Take a tour of the National Gallery building before it opens here -> Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id985981806
or Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sg.dude.OldSupremeCourt

I could not have finished my first mobile app alone:
1. I worked with competent people at The Singapore Academy of Law to figure out an engaging tour that made sense. It is always refreshing to work with people smarter than yourself; They understood the concept of “Less is more” and “SG50 fatigue”. The app has no mention of SG50 hehe

2. Zig Lam did all the 3D modelling. It was his first mobile game project and immediately understood my limitations. He produced work that is both beautiful and easy on phone memory. Thank you for recommending him Wei Choon!

3. George James Parel, long time friend and founder of a design firm and a cafe, took time off his busy schedule to draw 4 portraits to represent the 4 characters who guide you through the tour. Thanks George!

4. Jeremy Goh made sounds for my app. Sound and music is an aspect that is usually deemed ‘unimportant’ in games, but it is pretty damn important to me! I’m glad I chose the best guys to take care of it – IMBA Interactive!

5. Special thanks to Vivian Ng and Eugene Lau for loaning me their old Macbook! Did you know that if you wanted to make an iPhone app, you had to do publish it through a Mac? This is why I have never published an iOS app – because I don’t have a mac (yea, surprise!)

6. Youtube! I never made an app before and wasn’t sure how to. But thanks to YouTube, there are plenty of video tutorials to tell me what I need to know. The internet is my teacher!

7. My beta-testers! Friends at gatherings become testers. Thanks guys! My chief tester is my five year old nephew, Kaikai! He completed the tour 6 million times and still wants to play more! He would ask/suggest things like, “Can I open this door?”, that helped fine tune the gameplay. I am a proud uncle of a smart kid!


Full Gameplay video:


Old Supreme Court App Screenshot 1

Old Supreme Court App Screenshot 2

Old Supreme Court App Screenshot 6


Old Supreme Court App Screenshot 11

Old Supreme Court App Screenshot 7

Old Supreme Court App Screenshot 4

Old Supreme Court App Screenshot 3

Old Supreme Court App Screenshot 9


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