Renaissance City Series (2014)

The Last Kopitiam (2010)
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Singapore (2014)
Singapore Gothic (2015) Featuring Neo Swee Lin & Lim Kay Siu
Food For Thought (2014)
Creation Of Ah Dam (2015)
Food For Thought (2014) Featuring Benjamin Kheng As Mona Lisa
Saturn Devouring His Naan (2014)
Arrangement In Grey, Black And Yellow a.k.a. Dude’s Mum (2014)
Arrival of Venus by Eugene Soh
The Arrival of Venus (2012)

The Second Coming (2016)

The Last Christmas (2015) by Eugene Soh
The Last Christmas (2015) DILITE, Edition of 3 130 X 89 cm
New Testament 2.0 (2016) by Eugene Soh
During his second time here on Earth, Jesus attracted a following of people in Singapore. He co-ordinated the creation of a new Bible, which integrated videos and photos of his lunchtime sermons with the written word. The new Bible was made accessible over the Internet; however, many disbelievers (mostly comprised of people from other countries who did not have the chance to view Christ in the flesh) decried the Bible as a falsehood, claiming that it was an effort on the part of Singapore’s tourism authorities. Amidst the controversy, Jesus’ followers continually reaffirmed their faith online, displaying their solidarity.
Madonna and Child (Pieta) (2016) by Eugene Soh
In 1499, Michelangelo created the sculpture called Pietà (Pity). Housed in the St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, this sculpture would become part of the Michelangelo’s canon of works, photographed countless of times over the years. Although not based on any scene in the New Testament, Pietà is seen to depict the sorrow of Mary after having to witness the sacrifice of her first born child. Abraham, however, did not have to.

The Second Coming

The Second Coming is an imaginative exploration into the question: what if Jesus chose present-day Singapore as the land of his return? Referencing both prophetic and historical scenes recorded in the Bible, Eugene Soh updates the narratives surrounding the life and death of Jesus, whilst presenting his own meditations on the nature of religion and faith.