Squid Game filter gains 1 billion impressions in 2 weeks

Probably the most viral filter ever


You might have seen your friends play this Squid Game filter on Instagram, you might have tried it yourself too. It went international and we are proud that the filter was made in Singapore by us at DUDE. It probably was Instagram’s most viral filter launch ever reaching 1 Billion impressions in 2 weeks! It might have caused a server crash in the first 3 days of its launch.
We never expected this amount of global traction when we were developing this filter. We saw cool folks like Pokimane, JJ Lin, Benjamin Kheng and Everton Football club playing it.

Like most people, we binge-watched the entire series and were captivated. So captivated we decided to stop everything to develop a Red Light, Green Light instagram filter game, inspired by the first game in the series, minus the violence. It took us 3 days of building and testing to finally finish it. 3 days was all the time we could afford considering the other project deadlines we were working towards. 

Sony Soram offering to model the actual Robot Girl to replace the generic one I made

Continued Development After launch
After we published this filter and shared it on the Spark AR Community page, a community member, Sony Soram, commented on our post offering to model the actual Squid Game doll robot to replace the generic girl model we used in the first iteration of our game. 
We said yes and he quickly produced a new 3D model for the robot girl. We used the body he modeled and had the public vote on their favourite robot girl head. Ultimately, the votes decided on a third robot girl head that we bought from Turbosquid.

Top right was the original generic doll, bottom right was Sony’s, the public voted for the bottom left one

Sony Soram, student from India
We were impressed at how quickly he modeled a new robot model and got to know Sony a little more. He is a journalism student from India and does 3D modeling as a hobby outside of school. We naturally decided to collaborate with him again on our second Squid Game inspired instagram filter game, Tug-of-war.

Tug-of-war on instagram

We published our second Squid Game filter, playable up to 4 players where they can choose to be on the same team or VS each other in a beautiful setting 3D modeled by Sony. We were fully prepared to hire him for paid 3D gigs when he said that he could no longer do 3D because he just moved back to living on campus where he only has a less-than-adequate school laptop that he uses to study psychology and journalism. His PC that he uses in our collaboration was left at home.
It breaks our hearts to see talent and passion like that go wasted so when the filter won an AR award from Lenslist, we used all of the cash prize with some top up from us to buy him a powerful acer gaming laptop. We are happy to learn that he has received his new laptop and is doing 3D again!

Sony receives his new laptop!

Play Red Light, Green Light on Instagram here
Play Tug-of-war on Instagram here

Mothership and Campus.sg also talked about the filter

It made Channel 8 News too:


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