Stay Strong Kareen!


Stay Strong Kareen sg

Four nights ago, I made a donation webstie,, to raise funds to pay for my girlfriend, Kareen Chin’s, medical expenses. She was warded at Tan Tock Seng hospital on the 9th of October for Bacterial Meningitis (Brain Infection) and will hopefully be discharged by the 25th of October with an estimated bill of SGD$10,000.

Her case is difficult for the doctors because she also has Lupus, an auto immune disease, where her immunity system would attack healthy cells and cause organ failure. There is no known cure for Lupus so she has been taking medication to suppress her immunity system. Her low immunity system causes her to be susceptible to all types of infections – this time she got the worse kind, an brain infection. Lupus is also the reason why she does not have insurance as no one wants to insure a lupus patient.

The doctors have put her on three types of antibiotics because they are not sure what is the nature of her infection and they seem to be working. Her headaches have stopped though she still has fever and muscle aches. It breaks my heart to see her so weak.

Thank you so much to all the contributors on, we are now at 66% to our goal. Your generous donations means a lot to the both of us!
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Kareen_and_grandmaKareen and her grandma

Thank you so much!